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picture of Greg and Bev Hartz
Greg and Bev Hartz

Ithaca has been Bev’s and my home for most of our lives. We raised three children here and we have wonderful friendships here. We are deeply committed to this community and grateful for all that it has provided us and our family. It is truly a great place to live!


What makes Ithaca so special is the diverse offerings of the many non-profit organizations that work tirelessly to make our community the caring and vibrant place it is. We have a uniquely rich quality of life whether it be in the arts, human services, youth activities, or our stunning natural resources. And Bev and I recognize that it takes resources to assure that Ithaca maintains these special qualities.


That is why Bev and I decided to make a planned gift to the Legacy Foundation. Even before my time serving on the board, I was aware of the foundation’s reach and commitment to serving Tompkins County. Once I joined the board, I had the opportunity to see first-hand and in depth the important work of the foundation. From support for mental health programs, to addressing food insecurity, to helping arts organizations and youth programs, Legacy was a place where the non-profits that make our community a better place for us all could come for critical support. We wanted to make sure that support will be around for future generations; that those that come after us will have the same wonderful community our family has been able to enjoy.


We are happy to be able to support Legacy and thus our community in this way. We hope you will consider making a planned gift to Legacy.

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